Our Church

Our Past

New Hope Baptist ChurchNew Hope Baptist Church was founded in October of 1943. After receiving the Divine Call, Reverend N.J. Kirkpatrick was given the inspiration by the Holy Spirit to organize a church to uplift the community. Calling together a few Christian believers, the first church service was held in his home at 1332 Myrtle Avenue in Long Beach, where they continued on for six months. Present at this service were Mr. & Mrs. Willike Richards, Mr. & Mrs. Issac Barnabee, Mrs. Mary D. Hayes, Mrs. Mary Manual, Rev. & Mrs. N.J. Kirpatrick, and three of their children.

As new members were added, the home became too small and time soon arrived when a permanent place in which to worship had to be secured. It was brought to the attention of this group that the Congregational Church at Tenth and California Avenue could be purchased. The official body of the church consulted with the officials of the Congregational Church concerning the purchase price, and the necessary steps were taken to meet the financial obligations needed to complete the purchase. During New Hope’s expansion, the Lord also placed upon Rev. Kirkpatrick’s heart the need to construct a home for the elderly. Today, this structure still stands at 1150 New York Street in Long Beach. And after more than 30 years of worship at 921 E. Tenth Avenue, Rev. Kirkpatrick and the Spirit-filled officers made the decision to build a new edifice at 1160 New York Street. NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH was re-located to its existing home in October 1972.

The Lord called Rev. Kirkpatrick home on February 15, 1984. The Lord called Mrs. Le Anna Kirpatrick home, November 12, 1991. Together in Christ and through the Holy Spirit, our founding members left a legacy of worship and service to be carried on in the community.

Rev. Reuben R. English, Sr., was installed as Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, May 1984. Under Pastor English’s leadership the Educational Building was finished and the church office was upgraded. The pews in the sanctuary, from the usher pews to the choir stand were upholstered, the property across the street was purchased and paid for, and the first church van was purchased. On January 4, 1993, the Church mortgage was paid off, as a profound example of these and many other accomplishments too numerous to name. Three ministers were ordained, and three young men received the call to preach and were given licenses. Pastor English and Sis Arrie English continued to labor until he retired as Pastor in May 2008. Pastor and Sis English continue to work in the Master’s Vineyard.

It was suggested that the church be named the NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH, with the prayer that in years to come it would bring hope to those who enter.

Our Present

Rev. Coleman L. Hart, Sr., was installed as Senior Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in September of 2009. Though born in Prescott, Arkansas, his roots to New Hope Reach far beyond his tenure as pastor. Pastor Hart came to California in 1962 and lived with his Grandparents in a home that was directly across the street from New Hope when it was located on 10th Avenue. He was called to Christ in 1977, when he began serving in the church through Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and other ministries. Pastor Hart, along with his wife, First Lady Judith Hart, have four children between them and yet, find time to make the entire congregation feel like their immediate family.

With Pastor Hart’s installment has come a renewed commitment to the purpose and mission of the Church. With Christ as our Lord and Savior, we believe that “Success is a Made-Together Effort.” As a Congregation, we believe in the importance of evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship and service. It is not enough to study the Word of God. You must go and do His work for, and along with, our brothers and sisters in Christ. When asked about his personal goals for the church, Pastor Hart explains that he wants to see the Lord’s congregation become spiritually mature, become a witness to go and do God’s work in the community, not just within the walls of the church.

God has blessed New Hope with the Pastoral Leadership of Pastor Hart, Pastor Brown, Pastor Frasier, Pastor Smith and Pastor English, who share God’s glory every Sunday through their sermons that inspire us all week long. The excitement for Jesus is contagious…and we are growing! At New Hope we pray that all who enter come with hope, receive the blessing of God’s love and word, so that you may excitedly depart and SERVE! As a church we praise God and through ministry and fellowship pray to share the excitement with you.

On behalf of Pastor Hart & the entire New Hope Baptist Church of Long Beach…we hope to see you soon! God Bless You!

Our Future

“1 Peter 4:10 ~ As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (KJV)”

Our founders chose the name NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH with the prayer that in years to come it would bring hope to those who enter. Today we honor God by extending that prayer, asking those who enter, to depart and serve. The Holy Spirit guides us to do His work, and through Him we seek to build family, build values, and build a community that puts God first.

Some of our short-term goals: Develop Ministry Teams, Create Additional Youth Programs, New Uniforms for Worship Staff, Expand our Praise Team and Choir, Leadership Retreats.

Some of our long-term goals: Create & Host Leadership Conferences for Empowerment, Develop K-6th School Program, Health & Wellness Programs, Family Focus Seminars, Leadership Retreats, Marriage Counselling.

To learn how you can use your gifts to serve others, please call (562) 599-3509 for more information, or visit us on Sunday and see God’s glory in action.